Recommendations and Reviews

It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation for Melissa. I am about to embark on my seventh consecutive tour with The Trans-Siberian Orchestra as a singer/dancer. I have never felt more prepared than I do now after with working with Melissa for only a year. She helped me progress far beyond my expectations by making me a more conscious and grounded singer. I only wish I had the chance to work with her earlier in my professional career. Melissa is able to access and gauge singers of all levels while capably addressing their weaknesses. She has an incredible ear for the smallest vocal error, all while playing the piano masterfully. She makes every correction clear and comprehensible through her extensive knowledge and training, and vocally can demonstrate it all herself. I admire Melissa for many reasons, but I respect her most of all for the concern she shows for each individual student. She cares about the overall well-being of her students, not just about their vocal health or technique, which, in my opinion, is a rarity in the entertainment field. I will always be grateful to Melissa for everything she taught me and especially for her guidance this past year. I highly recommend Melissa Blasek as a voice teacher to students of all ages and levels. -Jodi Katz

Melissa has been my son’s guitar teacher for the past 4 years. Her patience and musical abilities is outstanding. We have a great deal of respect for Melissa in her interaction with our son. When Chris loses focus, Melissa is able to pull him back and get back on track. She holds him accountable when he hasn’t been practicing/doing his homework and reminds him that he has a goal that is attainable if he continues practicing. Melissa keeps the lessons fun without taking away from the lessons which is so important for a teenager. Several times a year, Melissa gives her students a chance to show off their talents at a concert held at the Coffee Factory in Derry. It’s an amazing and very entertaining event to see how talented all these children are and all credited to Melissa’s talent as their instructor. Over the years Melissa has become more to us than Chris’s guitar teacher with her upbeat, kind and giving personality. We are blessed to have Melissa in our lives and would recommend Melissa to anyone would will like to pursue their musical talent. -Janet Forino

I highly recommend Melissa Blasek as a voice teacher. My daughter who is 14 has been working with Melissa for one year. We have worked with other voice teachers and Melissa is the best we have met. She is professional, organized, friendly and extremely talented. She has helped my daughter as a singer so much in just one year. Melissa has a wonderful knowledge of all types of music. My daughter continues to grow as a singer and performer thanks to Melissa. -Kathy Dunklee

We feel lucky that our son gets to take piano lessons with Melissa. She has been working with him since he was 5 1/2 years old (now 9) and he’s learned so much from her. Not only does she teach him how to play piano, but about some of the composers behind the music that he plays. Melissa is a very talented and experienced teacher and knows how to keep him focused. He doesn’t just sit and play the piano but has to name notes, draw notes, tap out beats, learn scales, etc. My family loves to attend the recitals that she puts on for her students too! I highly recommend Melissa! -Pamela Sarantis

Melissa is an exceptional music teacher for children of all ages. My 9 and 12 year old have been studying with her for several years and still look forward to their time with her every week. She is creative in exposing them to both classic and popular genres so that they continue to foster a love of music and performance outside of their personal comfort zone. The recital in a public forum at the coffee house is also a refreshing change from the typical environments and really encourages accelerated growth of performance skills. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the NH area! -Angela Katis

I first met Melissa when my 9-year-old grandson was taking piano lesson from her. I was impressed with her confidence, high expectations, kindness, and patience. Since I had always wanted to learn to read music and play piano, I decided then that when I retired I would like to take lessons from her. Two years later, I did just that. Melissa is professional and has a wonderful personality. She is so patient and creative in tailoring each lesson to me. I just recently also started taking guitar lessons with her. So much fun! She’s awesome! -Kathy

Our son Kameron has been taking lessons with Melissa for about a year now. He had taken lessons from another instructor in the past but had a difficult time staying engaged. Melissa worked with Kameron, who has ADHD, to help him to learn in a fashion that is best suited him. It has helped him progress and enjoy the piano much more. We also enjoy the recitals that Melissa holds for her students. The informal atmosphere in a coffee house is both relaxing and entertaining. For our son it is much less stressful to play in front of an audience in this environment. -Tonya and Ken Dubois

Both my daughters started taking music lessons about a year ago with Melissa and they love it! One has been playing guitar and the other piano and they both added singing recently. Melissa does a wonderful job and is very good with them. They really enjoy learning with her. Thank you! -Jen

I’m an adult student who has been taking piano and voice lessons with Melissa for over a year, and I highly recommend her. I really appreciate her focus on you as an individual student. She takes the time to observe how you learn, figure out what your strengths and weaknesses are, and adjust her approach accordingly. You won’t just get a rote lesson plan from Melissa. It’s a bonus that she is very bright, talented and great fun to work with. If you’re looking for a great teacher – your search should end with Melissa! -Kathy C.

I think a great teacher is made of a mixture of passion, competence, discipline and je ne sais quoi. Melissa takes all these, blends them together and tops it with an artiste flair. Confidence is sacrosanct when it comes to employing a music teacher. I know my child is getting second to none instruction with Melissa. Why waste time? Start with Melissa Blasek. -The McLean Family

Melissa is very interested in helping my busy 6 year old enjoy his piano lessons and we really appreciate it. I would highly recommend her for her knowledge and patience. -Andreia Guilbeault